Wood Based Construction


Lecturer: Dr. Laszlo Bejo

Course outline:

This course briefly covers different aspects of wood based construction, including small residential wood structures as well as larger wooden and wood based construction elements. The course will cover the following topics:

  1. Raw materials of wood based construction: wood as a construction material, adhesives used in wood construction, wood based materials, other materials.
  2. Principles of wood adhesion; various aspects and necessary requirements of construction grade gluing.
  3. End jointed wood; requirements, technology and use.
  4. Edge jointed wood; solid wood construction panels.
  5. Laminated wood: glued-laminated construction products. 6. Gluled-laminated beams – requirements, production and utilization. (Including clamping bad layout exercise)
  6. Glued solid wood and kreuzbalken – production and utilization.
  7. I-beams and trusses – production and uses.
  8. Wooden buildings – various construction systems
  9. Solid wood construction – square and rounded log houses
  10. Woodframe construction – half-timbered and post-and-beam construction
  11. Woodframe construction – light frame construction, on-site construction and prefabricated houses
  12. Wooden buildings – special building systems
  13. Wooden buildings – stability, thermal insulation, sheathing, siding.

Recommended reading: there is unfortunately no course textbook that covers all of the topics. Outlines are available for each topic below.

Useful information is also found in Chapters 1, 8, 10, 11, 17 and 18 of the American Wood Handbook.

Lecture notes

These are the lecture notes that go with the class. You may want to print them out and use it as a fill-in-the-blank duing the classes:

You may also find this list of video links useful.

Homework materials

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