Industrial Design part time studies

Join us for an exciting semester, where you can participate in an excellent selection of classes from our Industrial Design Engineering programme! Your studies will include interesting lectures, lots of on-hand project exercises, as well as field trips to some beautiful castles and collections, fairs and conventions, as well as to state-of-the-art companies where you can see industrial design in action!

The following courses are offered:


Historical Furniture Styles

Get acquainted with the styles of the historical ages! The main elements of styles are demonstrated during classroom presentations by means of photographs and other illustrations. You will also experience them firsthand during visits to various castles and museums, where you can deepen your knowledge. You will research and be able to identify various historical styles of furniture, interiors, ornaments and architectural details.

Storno Collection Festetics Castle

Contemporary design

Is it just an object or is it an iconic piece of art? Study with us and get acquited with today's trends, the most famous designers and their iconic products. In these classes you can get familiar with the contemporary styles and trends, as well as designers. In the meantime, you can join us to the most relevants design fairs in Europe, like the Milano Design Week Salone, IMM Cologne etc.

Fair outdoor Fair indoor

Design communication

Communication is the most fundamental and original activity, which has led to us becoming humans and evolving into a society. Design is a basic need of creation for Homo artifex (creative man). It makes people feel satisfied, happy and complete. The course teaches students about how we can use design as a communication language through visual creation, including graphics, photography, and 3D objects. The aim of the course is to give an overview of the visualisation, communication possibilities and tasks of spatial and object use.

Design_Infographics Design_Photography

Packaging design

Packaging is very often what sells products. Learn how to design awesome packaging that is appealing to buyers, appropriate for the product, and good for the environment! You will learn the basics about materials, design, applications and technological options. The course will also include hands-on experience and several visits to various companies that will show you the intricacies of packaging design and technology.  

Packaging Design Packaging Utility


People are different in terms of their physical and psychological makeup, as well as their needs... Our environment also affects us, and we need to design it in a way that fits our various needs.

This course, which is indispensible for designers, is concerned with the achievement of optimal relationship (in terms of safety, comfort) between user and product (including tools, furniture, buildings, toys, vehicles). This requires knowledge of the human capability in user-product interaction, and using this knowledge in product design.

Topics include the capabilities and limitations of humans and products, principles of human body size, body force, (special) user needs, accessibility of product and environment.

Ergonomics - comfort Ergonomics - interaction

Furniture Design

This course provides comprehensive and general knowledge about furniture design. Get acquainted with the general forms and structures, elements that influence the shape, proportioning and materials of furniture, technical drawings and some methodologies of design. Discover various types of furniture and furniture constructions.

Design_Chair Design Desk

Integrated product design

Learning by doing! Immerse yourself into the practice of product design. After an introduction of material properties and contemporary structures, basics of a computer aided design program will be taught. Having a simple product design done, you can improve your craft skills in the modelling shop using modern tools and machines like laser cutter and engraver. A scaled model or full size prototype will demonstrate the feasibility of your design at the end. The full process is characterized by a comprehensive practicality. 

IPD Product IPD Workshop

Design methodology

Take a pleasant journey in the world of design methods. During this interactive trip we stop at stages like customer needs identification, idea generation, determination of product specifications, concept development and selection, industrial design, design for manufacturing. The entire travel is completed with creativity enhancing tools such as classic brainstorming, six thinking hats, biomimicry, story boarding, morphological analysis, etc. The obtained competencies allow you to sail your own boat successfully in the wavering ocean of design.  


Rapid Prototyping

Personalized products, prompt production are new challenges the world faces. 3D printing technologies support the realization of this new world by creating individual and complex objects on a layer-by-layer basis. Materialize your own idea by modeling first and 3D print thereafter. Stereolithography (SLA) and fused deposition modeling (FDM) technologies help you to create new, innovative products in hours. Your creativity will be limited only by the printing area.

Design – Model – Print – Check – Enjoy!


Photo credits: Storno House Sopron, Maria R. Antal, Tibor L. Alpar, Peter G. Horvath, Attila Tari, Mate Horvath Balazs Bencsik

All photos used by permission.